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My live blogs have been somewhat popular. To thank everyone for following me, today (and tomorrow) I’m going to do something different…I’m going to the Keynote today for sure. But after that I’m having a hard time selecting what sessions to visit. So for today and tomorrow, I’m going to let you pick my sessions. Now because the Internet is sketchy at times, the simplest way is to send a direct message or reply to me at I will tally the votes and go to the session with the most votes and live blog it. Go to the public PDC timeline to view the sessions coming up. Vote for the session in the NEXT time slot only…I’m not going to try to tally all the sessions across all the time slots. I will update this post when a timeslot is closed out and what the results are. Okay…those are the rules…voting for the 10:30 AM Timeslot begins Now Here are your choices

  • BB14 SQL Services Futures
  • BB19 Live Services: Live Framework Programming model
  • BB38 .NET Services: Connectivity, Messaging, Events, and Discovery with the Service Bus
  • ES12 Exposing Connected Home Services to the Internet Via Windows Home Server
  • ES14 IIS 7.0 and Beyond: The Microsoft Web Platform Roadmap
  • ES31 Showcase: Windows Azure Enables Publishing Services
  • PC25 Windows 7: New APIs for Building Context-Aware Applcations
  • TL06 WCF 4.0 Building WCF Services with WF in .NET 4.0
  • TL26 Parallel Programming for Managed Developers with VS 2010
  • TL57 Panel: The Future of Programming Languages
  • TL58 Research Concurrency Analysis Platform and Tools for Finding Concurrency bugs

If nobody votes I will be attending BB19 or BB38 Remember…please send only the number via DM or reply at my Twitter account browniepoints. I would allow you to post it here…but because spaces allows people to post anonymously, people will be able to stack the vote. Please only vote for sessions in the above list. The timeline has the abstract for the session. Voting closes at the end of the Keynote (10PM Pacific, 1PM Eastern) to give me time to tally the results and head to the winning session. So you have two hours to pick and vote. I will post the new list of sessions for the next slot and the winning session here between sessions.

Also since there is only a 15 minute break between morning and lunch sessions. I will skip them. I need energy to keep up the pace. I think that’s everything. Let the voting begin…you have two hours to send me your preferred session for after the keynote. Remember all I need is the session number and you must send it to me via DM or reply on my twitter account.

Edit…I only got three votes for the first timeslot…all for different sessions. Plus one from the missus. Since she voted for BB19 which is one that I listed for the alternative if no one voted…we’ll go with her choice. Next up Live Framework Programming Model!


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  1. Wow, none of the ones you list are ones I picked!I heard Windows 7 Design Principles was going to be good and will also be at user32/comctl32 and then Shell User Experience APIs.Guess we\’re doing different stuff.Enjoy!Bill

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