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8:30-8:50 Here’s the windup.
8:55 And the pitch Ray Ozzie announces Windows Azure the new cloud service offering from Microsoft.
8:58 CTP available today just a fraction of the final offering.
8:59 Developer Services available a la carte
8:00 SSDS extended to include more than just data so just called SQL Services
9:01 Let’s get past the talking time for demos
9:02 Introducing Amitabh Srivastava on Azure
    Azure is a Kernel…Kernel’s don’t demonstrate well.
9:03 Scalable hosting environment app deployment in the cloud
9:04 Operating System for the cloud provides layer of abstraction so programmer does not have to be concerned with scaling
9:05 Automated Service Management
    Fabric controller is core of Windows Azure allows you to upgrade your app without taking it down.
9:06 Fabric Controller Manages Services, not just Servers
    Model your service using constructs introduced through WCF
    Channels and Endpoints
    Configuration Settings
9:08 Services configured through XML meaning any tool can generate the Service Model
    Developer provides two things, the code and the service model
9:09 High availability
    No single point of failure
    In fact even two failures cannot bring it down.
9:10 Rich Developer Experience
    Full development cycle using visual studio on your desktop
    Do not have to deploy to cloud just to test.
9:11 Windows Azure lets you leverage your current skills to develop for the cloud.
9:12 Now let’s develop the classic introductory application: Hello World.
    Using standard visual studio ASP.NET development environment
9:13 Similar to Web Development Server, Azure SDK provides a "cloud on the desk" for developers.
9:14 When ready to deploy hit publish, visual studio packages the application and takes you to the Azure Developer Portal.
9:15 Cloud applications can be very simple but you want to see a cool app right?
9:16 Jonathan Greensted
    Bluehoo uses Bluetooth to enable socialization with people around you.
9:18 Using a mobile app with rest services to communicate with server and exchange messages.
9:19 Big advantage, did not need to learn new technologies to move to the Cloud.
9:20 Easy to scale up. As more power is needed, just add more nodes.
9:21 Download fom beta available mid-day.
9:22 Back to Amitabh
9:23 Azure is an Open Platform
    First using managed code
    Soon native code
    Open beyond just .NET.

9:24 This is Windows Azure
    Scalable, highly available hosting platform
    Rich Developer experience
    Model Driven service management
    Enterprise and hobbyist ready.
9:25 Introducing Bob Muglia – Azure Developer Services
9:25 5th Generagion of Computing
    70s Monolithic
    80s Client-server
    90s Web
    Now SOA
    Future Cloud and services
9:28 There are several requirements for services
    Interop, Business Processes
    Identity and Security
    Data Management and Compliance
    Services Management
9:29 Moving from a world where availability is no longer a concern for IT
9:30 Talk about .NET services
    Service Bus
    Access Control
    Workflow Services
9:31 Service Bus – Services built into .NET need to be capable of scaling out the service bus
     Access Control – Enable Federated Access between organizations
     Workflow Services – Workflow is important to all business
9:32     Users control their own identities
    Provides a single federated identity platform
    Open and interoperable
9:33 SQL Services Built on SQL Server
    Data Sync
    Data Mining/analysis
    Reference Data – Including precompiled reference data
9:35 Introducing Shawn Davison VP RedPrairie a partner working with Azure.
9:36 One button product recall orchestration spanning multiple enterprises.
9:38 Manage Roles from dashboard.
9:39 Showing end user application invoking a workflow to perform a recall across multiple partners.
9:42 How is Microsoft Using Azure Currently?
     Announcing System Center Atlanta
     Allows Microsoft to collect anonymous data regarding network performance, problems, etc, allowing all SC users to benefit from shared knowledge.
9:47 Azure allows Microsoft to scale across thousands of SC customers.
9:48 Some of the concepts from Azure will eventually come back to consumer versions of Windows Server, SQL Server and vice versa.
9:49 In Developer Kit this week is Oslo…Microsoft’s new modeling platform.
9:50 Introducing Dave Thompson What offerings are available that are built upon Azure
9:51 Some customers aren’t able to expend the money needed to support their IT infrastructure
9:52 These customers want to collaborate well, stay up to date, lower their costs, they need high availability and security.
9:53 Microsoft Online Services
    Soon all Microsoft Enterprise software will be available online
9:54 Coca-Cola, Energizer some example of customers using Online Services today
9:55 Software+Services is about the Power of Choice: Allow the customer to leverage the correct proportion of control through on premise installations and ease of deployment through cloud services.
9:57 Exchange Online: Web Services…can build an application that has the same capability as Outlook
9:58 CRM Online: Data Modeling, Presentation, Processes, Security, and of Course Web Services.
9:59 Azure allows you to leverage all of the Microsoft online offerings to get to market faster.
10:00 Demo Federated Identity Model, and Composition of available services to create new application.
10:02 Federation enabled with a few clicks!
10:03 User does not have to login to use online server…Identity federated through AD.
10:04 Showing customizable workflows for timesheet approval.
10:05 Demonstrating how with a few clicks, status reports can be generated from data in CRM Online and published to SharePoint.
10:06 Demonstrating how a customer can review the status reports, approve the time and review the impact using Sharepoint.
10:08 Back to Ray for summary
   PDC Attendees will be the first to get hands-on time with Azure over the next few months with access opening to others slowly over the upcoming months.


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