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Well I have a night, a breakfast, and a flight standing between me and PDC 08. I’ve been totally excited about going since I conned convinced the job to send me (back in August I think). This is my first development related conference. There’s going to be a LOT of stuff to see, learn about, and interact with…and that’s not including the actual conference sessions.

A number of the WPF Disciples will be at the PDC (this will be the first time I’ve met many of them in person…save one). And we’ve planned some social events as well as shop talk events (although it might be difficult to distinguish the two).

I’ve entered Flow into the PDC Show Off contest…so if you’re at PDC, please be sure to come support me. Even if I don’t win, it will still be a great event to see what other people out there are doing with Technology.

I will live blog from the Keynotes and the sessions I attend. I will also provide a daily recap. In addition you can follow my Tweets (can’t believe I was the first to get that name), where I’ll inevitably be posting a quick OMFG reaction to things I learn. If you’re going to the Conference, look for me…I’ll have a (limited) supply of Brownie Point Badges to hand out…they will most likely come in useful at a later point in time.


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