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I’ve read the last article bashing Vista. I think the problem is that Vista was judged before it came out based on reviews of beta/RC1. Guess what Beta means??? It’s not done morons! It seems like people bash Microsoft because it’s en vogue.

Regarding hardware requirements, I have an HP Pavilion Laptop from 2005 (1GB of RAM) that can run Vista just fine…no it doesn’t support Aero, but I wouldn’t expect a piece of 3 year old equipment to…(BTW the hardware is theoretically capable of it, Intel just refuses to release a WDDM driver for the onboard graphics card). On the other hand, my mom has a Sony Vaio that she bought back in 2003 (it was definitely top of the line back then). I bought her an upgraded video card (AGP) for under $100 and it gets a 3.5 Vista Rating.

So the BS that people give about it having hardware issues is just that…BS. Try running the latest MacOS on a Mac you bought back in 03.

We go through the same thing every time Microsoft does a major upgrade to their kernel. OMG Windows 95 requires 16 MB of RAM! It won’t run on my 286 clunker from 1990! OMG Windows XP requires 256 MB of RAM it won’t run on my 100 MHz Pentium from 1995. Here we go again with Vista…get over it and either pony up the cash for an upgrade or STFU! If you’re happy with XP, no one is forcing you to upgrade.



  1. Hmmm… It seems someone stepped on your toes.
    I do agree with you – no one should have 5-10 years old hardware and expect that new software works on it.
    I have Vista and absolutely no problems with it. The only thing that I have as a comment is that they made significant interface changes: it took me some time to get used to this new interface; but now it\’s OK.
    I\’m a PC!

  2. I think there are some issues with Vista on some systems. I\’m avid micorosft software user (love visual studio and have been using windows since 3.1)
    But I do have issues. On my work computer (vista x64) networking is so slow. Copying files to shared network drives just takes forever with a box saying "Calculating time remaining…". I\’ve tried applying gazilion pathces and updates for this problem, but nothing fixed it.
    On my home computer (vista 32bit), I get same experience transfering files between 2 internal hard drives. It just takes forever.
    Forget about trasnfering to USB drive. It just goes at 100K (that\’s K not M). I had xp running on exact same hardware before with no problem and spent countless hours trying to fix this.
    Sound problem is another issue of it\’s own. Bulit in card just would work horribly with hissing sound coming out all the time. Probably driver issue. Ended up buying souldblaster card.
    Searching is just so horribly broken. I thought XP was bad, but vista is just horrible.
    And this is coming from someone who still is using vista and is forgiving it for all its shortfalls. I\’ve heard same stories from many of my friends and many have gone back to XP. I just can\’t imagine with "normal" users must go thru.
    WHen I tried to get this issue resolved with microsoft tech support, it just ends up nowhere with them giving up and saying it\’s my hardware setup. Whatever…

  3. Sanja,
    Like I said, I\’m tired of hearing the same crap from the Linux camp ringing the bell for the death of proprietary software that they\’ve been doing for the past ten years. I\’m tired of people saying, well my hardware that worked fine with XP, doesn\’t work with Vista. (Like my anonymous friend below).
    Was your hardware certified for Vista? Like I said, I\’ve got two old machines that run it just fine…definitely luck on my part, but I wouldn\’t raise a fuss about it. Many vendors decided not to upgrade their drivers forcing those who own their hardware to buy new stuff. Like I said, this happens with every iteration of Windows.
    The low adoption rate in corporations can be explained by the fact that many corporate policies dictate that they only upgade their OS when their current OS is no longer supported by the vendor. This means that they will usually skip a version or two of Windows and upgrade when the Microsoft support expires.
    The only problem I had with Vista was the UAC and once it annoyed me enough I turned it off. I don\’t want to sound like a total Microsoft fanboy, but I\’m tired of the BS that\’s being slung around about how "crappy" Vista supposedly is.

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