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If you’ve been aching to build your own webcam app in WPF (and who hasn’t), Jeremiah Morrill has just the thing you want. He just recently announced that his WPF Media Kit is available on Codeplex. The possibilities are endless. Some comments on his announcement post mention that they were able to display 3 HD streams at once using the controls with no stuttering! As long as they weren’t crossing them, the world will be safe.

Just found out that Ghostbusters 3 is in the works…what a morning!


One Comment

  1. Yes, do not cross the streams!  It could destroy the space-time continuum!
    Thanks for the shout out!  This project has been a long time coming…and quite a bit of work too!
    I\’m thinking of building a Media Detector WPF control too, that will let you display thumbnails or a filmstrip of media, along with other metadata, like codec, audio format, etc.  That should be fun.  Just thinking about how the object model should look and what it would look like in XAML.

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