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If I haven’t blogged about t before, I meant to but have been extremely busy. The first release of Prism or Composite App Guidance for WPF is available. Oh wait…I’ve blogged about it already (Did I mention how much I love Live Writer?). If you’re looking at WPF for enterprise "Line of Business" applications, you should really look at it, not just for the framework but for the guidance assets themselves. I participated in the advisory board for the guidance and had a blast giving feedback to the PnP team and seeing that feedback integrated into the package. I even got my name on the MSDN page for the package


It’s the little things that make me smile 😛

Anyway, this post isn’t about me. It’s about some cool announcements coming from Microsoft. (Slow down guys or there won’t be much left to announce by the time PDC arrives.) First up is the Managed Extensibility Framework or MEF for short. The short explanation for it is native Dependency Injection in the .NET Framework. There is a CTP available for it, which I’m downloading as we speak.

Next on the list is the upcoming second edition of Framework Design Guidelines. The first edition is a book that I recommend that anyone doing significant .NET development have on their shelf…within easy reach. Krzysztof Cwalina, Brad Abrams, and others on the Framework team have continued to provide addenda for the book. But there has been a major release of the framework since the first edition was published, and there is enough new stuff to talk about to merit a new edition. I’ve already got it pre-ordered.

Speaking of the MEF and the PnP team, Glenn Block recently announced his move from PM for PnP to PM on the MEF team. I can’t think of a better person to provide leadership for this initiative.


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