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PDCBling1I’m all set. My hotel is booked, flight is selected, and registration is done. Now all I have to do is wait and speculate. This will be my first PDC, so I’m pretty excited about it. Although Microsoft has revealed some of the topics to be discussed, the fun part is guessing what they aren’t telling us yet:

With guaranteed coverage of "Rosario", I’m pretty sure they’ll be talking about .NET 4.0 (and hopefully Acropolis). The initial previews were very promising. To have it become a native part of the .NET framework is exciting.

I’m also hoping to get a sneak peek at Windows 7. Server 2008 and Vista are major advances in the Windows platform. I know there is a lot of groaning about the UAC, and drivers, and blah, blah, blah. Personally I like Vista a lot (and love Server 2008 even more). I can’t wait to see what’s in the pipe for the next revision.

I definitely want to see what’s in store for Team Edition for Architects and the new TFS/Team Explorer functionality. Full UML support will be huge for me. Hierarchical work items is a plus as well.

Live Mesh looks very captivating to me, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some programmable bits.

I’m also looking forward to meeting some of the names that I know in the .NET community. And of course watching Charles Petzold’s presentation at the pre-conference. What are you excited about?


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