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I’m a control freak…when I delete something, I want it gone like now. I don’t want it to go to a recycle bin so I can retrieve it later. Get off my computer…NOW. So when I delete a file, I always use Shift+Delete to bypass the "send to recycle bin" phase. That has bitten me in the butt a few times in the past. Thanks to Vista’s shadow copy service, I have been able to recover from over zealous deletion twice now. Once with a source tree with changes I hadn’t committed to source control yet. And just now with the entire contents of my downloads folder.

I may sound like one of those commercials that you see where people give "real" testimonials about how good a product is. But believe me, if you’ve ever wished you could undo a delete, shadow copies are the next best thing to having a rewind button for life.


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