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Or CAPPG for short. I had the pleasure of participating on the advisory board over the past few months. I think the biggest boost to my ego came when I saw the Delegating Command captured as a best practice by the PnP team.

Prism (there was an acronym there but I forgot what it is) is a new guidance framework, in the vein of the CAB, SCSF , and WCSF, that captures best practices from the pioneers in the wild west of WPF development. (Remember WPF is still considered to be in the early-adopter phase.)A lot of the writings of Josh Smith, Dr. WPF, Dan Crevier , and others has been captured in this framework (which is still, according to the team, a work in progress). I have my own work that is soon to be in progress and will use Prism to take it through its paces.

If you will be doing any significant WPF development in the near future, it couldn’t hurt to evaluate Prism. Here’s the link.


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