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albumcover I followed the instructions for an interesting meme that I found on Eric’s blog and came up with the album cover you see to the left. Here are the original links if you’re interested:

The Picture

The Quote

The Article

I took artistic license and named my band just Wyoming County, but it the recipe works pretty well. The funny thing is…the title is somewhat appropriate. I think I have grown out of my current space and have already taken up residence in a new environment. I will begin moving my old content over (someone remind me to keep local copies of my blog posts for the next time I want to do this), and adding new content to the main domain. In the interim, it will just host Brownie points. So what are you waiting for? My latest post is waiting for you right here


One Comment

  1. I don\’t want to play this game anymore!
    Band:  Satan
    Album Title:  And Where You Stand
    Cover:  Art

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