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Or "My New Favorite Feature of the WPF Designer"

So I’m giving a quick presentation of my favorite new feature in VS 2008 at the Wisconsin .NET User Group Installfest, and because I hadn’t actually prepared for the presentation in advance, Murphy’s Law is in full effect. My normally snappy computer is crawling through the simplest of tasks (because I’m on battery power save mode). I’m floundering here and want to hurry and finish the demonstration (the "Cider" WPF designer). So now I’m standing in a pool of my sweat, I can’t even see because the saline is dripping into my eyes. And I have to remember the syntax for importing a CLR namespace. I look to a familiar face "Quick what’s the syntax for importing an assembly for reference in XAML?" Travis looks back at me with a blank stare. So I start typing hoping that something will pop in my head when I see:


At that very moment, I felt that Team Cider had put this feature in there for this very situation. I stated emphatically…well there you have my new favorite feature!

Overall the meeting was great. The turnout was HUGE. We had an assembly hall filled with people ready to install VS2008 (Professional this time as opposed to the 2005 launch when they gave out Standard). I forgot my full camera and for some reason, I can’t email the pictures from my phone so I’ll refer you to Larry Clarkin.

Hands down the best mini demo in my eyes was the demonstration of the code metrics capabilities of the VS 2008 Team Editions, the presenter of that feature won a copy of SceneIT! for the Xbox 360. Brennan won an 8 GB Zune for his presentation. There were a ton of toys donated in exchange for a raffle ticket. The winner got an Xbox 360 Elite with Halo 3 Limited Edition (not Legendary). And the food spread was fantastic. Especially the nacho toppings…chili and queso dip poured over tortillas is delicious! Overall, it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. At the very least they got a free copy of VS 2008 Pro.


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