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Dr. WPF suggested in a WPF forum thread that I hand out Brownies as awards. I haven’t made a badge for the recipients to display on their Web sites yet, but I think these awards are overdue. So here comes the first batch of Brownies for those individuals (sorry no companies) who have made significant contributions or discoveries within the WPF community (or in some cases did something that just make you go Wow!). They are in no particular order.

  • Dr. WPF as of right now he is the lead answerer in the WPF Forum over the past 30 days with 116 answers. This also makes him one of the top 10 answerers in ALL of the MSDN forums. This is even more significant when you consider he is the ONLY person in the top 10 who is not a moderator (moderators can mark their replies to a question as an answer). So there you’ve got a Brownie, hope you’re happy now.smile_wink
  • Casey Chesnut for WPF Augmented Reality…that just rocks on so many levels.
  • Josh Smith for writing about 5000 WPF articles on
  • Jeremiah Morrill for taking WPF/Win32 interop to a HOLE NUVA LEVEL!

That’s it for right now. Don’t feel slighted because I didn’t get you this time around. There are others that I want to name but I don’t want to make the list too long. On another note, I mentioned that in addition to Brownies, I would be handing out cookies for people who could be nicknamed captain obvious.

The first recipient of this dubious honor is none other than me. I made a big deal about the Delegating Command  when a similar solution had already been blogged and talked about extensively. This will be the first and last Cookie handed out by me.

Congratulations to the first batch of Brownies, I will get your badges to you in short order.



  1. Hmmm… I assume the captain obvious remark as in reference to my blog?  I wouldn\’t classify that as making earning you a captain obvious award.  After all, know one knows my blog exists yet. 😉

  2. Wow, just read my post.  Excuse me my non-engrish ;).  Been hacking too long today, I guess.

  3. Sweet!  My first Brownie and boy is it tasty!!
    … hey, wait a minute…  what\’s in this thing? 
    why do I suddenly want to listen to the Grateful Dead while watching my media player screensaver?
    hmmmm…  anybody got a bag of chips?  or fries?  ya know what would really be good…  pizzzza!  whoa duuude!

  4. Awesome a Brownie, thanks!  It\’s always good to get some props.  I mean, that\’s why I\’m in this game…that and the women :).
    I gotta give some credit to Leslie, who really cleaned it up into something more usable.  Otherwise it might just still be a halfwit prototype on my blog.
    And Dr. WPF, that man must be on a 30 hour day!  We all appreciate it though.  He got me out of a few WPF jams.
    Casey has always done some made crazy ish.  He\’s long over-due for some sort of gold star.
    You might not believe me, but Josh Smith wrote every single WPF tutorial article on the internet.  I swear.  Google it.

  5. Ooooh…brownie….. (drooling)
    Josh Smith

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