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So, I finally committed the ultimate act of vanity and googled myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my blog is ranked number 12 (just missing the first page of Mike Browns). Here’s the kicker…this is the only post in my blog that has the words Mike Brown in it. Lot’s of Brownies, no Mike Brown. I got to number 12 (actually higher there are some dups ahead of me) on nothing but the strength of incoming links.

While that’s cool and all, what sucks is that if I leave spaces like I intended to, I have to start all over. Oh by the way if you’re looking for info on WPF from a guy named Mike Brown, google says I’m number 1 (even above Chad Brown who mentions Mike Swanson in his blog. Take that Mike Brown Solutions dot com! By the way I’m way ahead of Mike Brown dot com and Mike Brown dot us. Even ahead of Mike Brown sucks dot com (boy did that get tiring when I lived in Cincinnati).

Considering that the former head of FEMA was one of the biggest pieces of news not too long ago and the others have the advantage of having … I don’t know their name on their pages (or in their domain name). And the sheer number of Mike Browns in the world…I’m happy with being #12.

Where do you end up when you google yourself?


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