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(Cross posted on the front page of the WPF Toolbelt)

I had some lofty dreams when I first started this project (during beta 2 of .NET Framework 3.0. Now the 3.5 Framework is in Beta 2 and this project has stagnated because I’ve lacked the bandwidth to properly contribute to it. I’ve had some ideas for how to get things rolling again, but I just haven’t had the time to properly dedicate to this. There are commercial libraries that address the same space as the toolbelt. And I can’t hope to match a team of paid developers as a single developer working in my spare time. I’ve had the occassional volunteer join me, however because I can’t provide the bandwidth to properly lead this effort, they tend to lose steam and move on to other things.

I’ve seen a lot of visits to the project and a lot of downloads but very little feedback. Hopefully, the project has helped someone learn more about WPF. There are some nice examples of custom control creation in there…especially how to do lookless controls. The PowerGrid is fully stylable from the cell up. Of course I wouldn’t recommend that you create a data grid as a custom control like I did. Instead I would recommend wrapping the ListView/GridView into a control that turns it into a data grid, or even using attached properties to decorate a standard listview with data grid functionality.

Going forward, I cannot maintain this project alone…especially if I’m going to do what I know I want to do with it. So I ask the people who have volunteered if they would re-invest in the vision of the project. I ask one of the 2000 downloaders if they could invest some time to make this a tool that they could really use. I ask anyone involved in the WPF community that if you want to accelerate adoption of the framework, we need something like this. I ask the heads of other projects similar to the toolbelt, let’s come together and pool our efforts to make something better than any of our projects can be alone. I’m willing to put my ego aside because running a project alone is no fun.

Let’s get together and make something amazing!


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