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So I logged into Popfly to see what’s new when lo and behold, I learn that I have invites. 5 to be exact. I’m reserving three of them for colleagues to have right of first refusal. I want to give two out here. (If my colleagues turn them down, I might have more.) So, what do you think would be a fair way to hand these guys out? If this doesn’t get the lurkers to start posting comments, I don’t know what will…well I do, but this is a family blog.



  1. I think for the sake of world integration it would be good if one of these invites ended up in, ohh say Sweden. It just so happens I live in Sweden so we\’re in luck! 🙂

  2. I am a netfx3 lurker being drawn out of the woodwork by the appeal of the popfly neat-o factor. please consider sending one of these invites my way.

  3. No more takers? If not it goes to the two gentlemen who spoke up by default.

  4. Was there an end-date set for this? I\’m the initial poster 🙂

  5. William L. and namnlos, send your email addresses to me at mbrown77(hates spam) at gmail dot com so that I can send you the invites.

  6. Never mind I have them already.

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