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David Hill of the Acropolis team has recently released a code sample that provides MDI within Acropolis (and through Acropolis, WPF). If you haven’t looked at Acropolis yet, there is no time like now. It works with VS 2008 Beta 2 (which also includes Cider, the only WPF designer this side of Expression).

I’m too lazy to do MDI on my own so thanks David for making it easy for me.



  1. Actualy as a 5yr WinForm developer, I\’ve grown to dislike MDI.  SDI with beautiful transitions have become my favorite, but MDI still has t\’s place I guess.  Just would like to see something more innovative. 

  2. Yes I\’m trying to find a way to get out of the MDI mentality. It\’s just hard to untrain my brain. That\’s why I\’ve been reading up on UI Design and the like. I\’ve got a few ideas floating in my head but I\’ve just got to solidify them somehow.

  3. I know MDI has its problems – and wouldn\’t mind seeing a proper replacement.
    But nobody has (yet) provided a decent one.
    The key advantage of MDI is side-by-side document viewing.
    Tabbed windows and SDI/transitions just can\’t provide that.
    Until then, give me my MDI!!!

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