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I haven’t posted about this yet in my blog because I assumed everyone involved with WPF development already knew about it. IdentityMine is creating a set of utilities for WPF called Blendables. Basically, the focus of Blendables is to provide additional functionality for WPF that is accessible through XAML. One cool example is the Drag-and-drop implemented through an attached property. (Looks like someone finally took my advice on using attached properties to extend functionality).

Blendables is very similar to what my initial vision of the WPF Toolbelt. A library that exposes more of the WPF framework directly to XAML with minimum code-behind.  It’s great to see the third party support really taking off for WPF.

While you’re at the Blendables website, they are having a contest for people to showcase what Blendables has allowed them to do. Top prize is a 360 Elite. I won’t have time to submit a proper entry…I’m busy with other things.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out!  We\’d love more entries but understand the time sensitivities.  We\’re so close to getting this out in the market.  Thanks for helping spread the word on Blendables, you can never assume we\’ve reached "everyone" :).
    Be sure to email me if you or any of your readers have any additional Blendables questions.
    Kurt Brockett
    Director of Product Management – IdentityMine, Inc.

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