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So I was doing the standard routine with my new laptop…blowing away the crud that comes pre-installed and loading it with all the good stuff that I need. I’ll be very happy when I don’t have to spend an hour installing VSTS, Team Explorer, Team Edition for DB Pros, SQL 2005 Developer Edition and Management Studio, uninstalling VS Premier Partner Edition (which Team Explorer forces down your throat even if you have VS installed), and then going through the fun of installing SP1.

I decided what the hell…let’s put XNA Game Studio Express on here too. Now that I have a machine that can debug XNA programs without necessarily deploying to my 360. Well guess what I see when I’m on the site about to download it:

Wow! It’s hard to believe that a year ago on this blog we announced the first release of XNA Game Studio Express. Now, here we are again at Gamefest 2007 and, on behalf of the XNA Community Game Platform team, I am pleased to announce our next release: XNA Game Studio 2.0. Let’s take a look at some of what’s new in XNA Game Studio 2.0!

Two big features that I’m looking forward to for GSE 2.0 are the Integration with ALL versions of VS2005 (not just express), and Xbox Live Networking. Note that the announcement doesn’t specify that the Xbox Live functionality is just limited to the 360, so it’s quite possible that you can use Live Anywhere for Windows games. I’m also interested in seeing what the new audio functionality includes. Dynamic game audio would be nice.

Anyway, it looks like SP1 has finally finished it’s preload phase and is asking if I really want to update Visual Studio. Of course not, I downloaded and double clicked the installer for my health…It might be done in time for VS 2008 launch.


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