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Edgenet Vision (link goes directly to the XBAP, .Net 3.0 and IE6+ required, directx9 capable video card recommended) . Although I wish I could say I was part of its creation, such is not the case. It was created by a crack team of commandos at my place of employment, Edgenet. I did however provide some feedback and support to the team as they built this amazing piece of software (for example the team learned first hand that if you set look direction and up direction exactly opposite each other, the WPF 3D engine will not be happy).

What Is It?

Edgenet Vision is a 3D virtual room designer. It allows you to design a room with different flooring, cabinetry, appliances, lighting, countertops, etc. There is a small selection of pre-built rooms and different models of appliances and various household trimmings for preview. There are some other cool features in the internal builds that I can’t quite talk about yet. But they are definitely "wow" worthy. Go ahead open it up and play around with the rooms for a bit. Let us know what you think.

Requisite Recruiting Message

Also, if this is the kind of stuff you think you’d like to work on, we are looking for good talent. We have three offices in the US: Waukesha, WI; Nashville, TN; and Atlanta, GA.



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