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In a former life (around 9 years ago), I was a linguist. For the most part, I let minor grammatical errors go because we’re all human. However, there is one pet peeve of mine that is becoming all too common: the usage of a reflexive pronoun (in particular "myself") incorrectly.

"Myself" is, as I said before, a reflexive pronoun. What that means is that it points back to a prior usage of "I" or "Me". For example "I’m going to strangle the next person who uses ‘Myself’ incorrectly myself." That’s correct usage.

"Brian, David, and myself worked all weekend to get the new software release into production." Bzzt, wrong! I guess I have to find a way to strangle myself. Hey, what do you know another correct usage of "myself".

I don’t know how this misusage became so commonplace; but please people, I’m begging you let’s stop using "myself" incorrectly. Our children’s futures depend on it.


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