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After a little more experience with WPF, I looked back at the code I wrote for the WPF Toolbelt and cringed. With my current understanding of WPF, I would never choose to write a grid control totally from scratch, when there is a perfectly good ListView/GridView sitting right there. Besides, I would be asking anyone who used my PowerGrid to use a TOTALLY separate API than what WPF exposes for a Grid.

So, I will be revisiting the WPF Toolbelt in the near future with a fresh view, and find how I can use the techniques I’ve presented here recently (adding functionality through attached properties instead of extension) to enhance the existing ListView.

I think I should put a disclaimer on the project site saying that this code is a good example of how not to do WPF development. It’s all part of getting past that dreaded "learning curve". I’ll let you guys know when I’m finally there.

The first lesson to WPF development…forget everything you learned for Winforms development. It will only get in your way.


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