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A while ago, I participated in a discussion in the forums about creating a webcam solution in WPF. My suggestion was to use the BitmapSource API to update a bitmap source dependency property with the buffer from a custom directshow filter.
The problem with that solution is that it involves a buffer copy rather than just updating a reference to point to the new buffer. A relatively new voice in the WPF Forums, Jeremiah Morrill, took the time to learn the WIC enough to get the raw buffer pointer in a BitmapSource and redirect it to look at another buffer. Here’s his blog about it.


  1. Thanks for the link back! 
    I have been reading/leeching your (and everyone else off of WPF blogs for some time now, I feel flattered to actually be on here. 🙂
    Take it easy bud,

  2.  As a result of the being able to do low-level image manipulation, we have made WPF control that renders old Win32/Winform controls in WPF (with interactivity).  If you are interested check it out on our CodePlex project:

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