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First things first, I promise the next entry in my 4C’s series is coming soon. The problem is that once I got to writing about it, a bunch of content just started flowing out of my brain and onto my hard drive (I use Windows Live Writer…something I HIGHLY recommend for anyone writing a blog). The first entry was supposed to be about using the Window as the simplest of custom controls. Well, I got to talking about the Application class and XAML and code-behinds, and the next thing you know I have a full introduction to WPF programming going. Besides, Charlie hasn’t done his second entry for his Code Climber series, so I’m pretty much ahead of the game.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about what I REALLY love about the new "Orcas" CTP (besides the fact that it’s the first pre-release that combines Cider, the LINQ to SQL designer, the WCF service wizards, and the Workflow Designer in one handy dandy interface).

This is what I really love about orcas:

You are looking at an instance of a custom control in the new "Cider" Designer. That’s right people. No longer do you have to do your layout of custom controls in the dark. Also what I didn’t show is the Property grid showing the properties of my Custom Control for editing. Actually, you are looking at three instances of two custom controls. Below the PowerGrid (from the WPF Toolbelt) are two instances of the PowerDatePicker (harvested from Kevin Moore’s Bag o’ Tricks by a new contributor to the project Mark Shumer). There are going to be some pretty cool updates to the project coming soon.

So there you have it, I would highly recommend anyone doing serious WPF development to at least consider using the new "Orcas" CTP, and for further summary updates to my Code Climber series, and the WPFToolbet are both coming soon!


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  1. Hell, i would have satisfied with orcas (over vs2005) by just being free of xaml warnings and errors for using clr-namespace mappings to the current assembly.  That definitely is meeting expectations though.
    Is there any intellisense support for custom namespaces? or any of the known namespaces for that matter…
    for example DataTemplate (for some reason cider in vs2005 doesn\’t recognize <ListBox><ListBox.ItemTemplate><DataProvider>)
    there\’s  a lot of other things that it should recognize that it doesn\’t… like system types when you add clr-namespace:System;assembly=mscorlib… does it recognize those objects in the editor now and have intellisense for theM?

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