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So I finally saw a that I couldn’t help but laugh at. This one makes fun of the Windows Vista UAC. It does get a bit overzealous in its actions. But for the most part I go days without seeing it. And I don’t mind getting a confirmation prompt when I perform an elevated action.

True story, I am a the guy who gets asked by friends, family, and acquaintances about all things computers. I shunned anti-virus programs as exploiting the fears of the average computer users and used to pride myself on never having had a computer virus before. That was until last December (2005) when the WMF exploit caught me. I didn’t click anything, open an executable, or perform any action that would normally deliver a viral payload. The only thing I did was visit a hacked web site that contained a WMF file that because of a bug in IE allowed a Trojan to be installed in my computer. Fortunately, the Trojan was quite obvious that it was there, replacing my desktop background and all. I would like to believe that had I had the UAC it would have intervened in this situation, informing me that I was performing an elevated action which would have alerted me that something was foul. Instead I had to disconnect from the net, backup my documents, and install windows fresh.

So before you go disabling the UAC all you power users out there…think about what the next WMF exploit could do.


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