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Apparently, Santa felt I was extremely nice this year. I got a really good haul under the tree including:
  1. An Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel (with force feedback)
  2. A 360 Wireless headset (you never notice how much you need one til you get one)
  3. An extra wireless controller
  4. An Xbox Live Vision camera (that doubles as a pc webcam)
  5. A VRocker video chair…which after a period of adaptation has become my favorite piece of furniture.
  6. Project Gotham Racing (the original).
  7. And some household items for the missus and me.

If you have any interest in racing games, I would highly recommend the racing wheel! The precision of practically 270 degrees of rotation (135 each way) far exceeds anything you can do with the standard controller. It’s akin to the difference between using a mouse and keyboard for a fps against a controller. The investment will be even more worth while when MSFT releases the wireless receiver for windows because it will work for PC racing games as well.

My current setup has the racing wheel attached to a low table (that serves double duty as my daughters’ dining table) with the pedals under the table and the VRocker pulled up close. Between the force feedback, the rumble from the sub-woofer under my butt, and the cockpit view on PGR3, it’s the closest I’ll get to performing an 80 MPH powerslide throu London in a Ferrari.

As a late Christmas present from MSFT directly, I found out I was accepted in the Shadowrun Beta. I’m not even certain if I can reveal that but I will leave it at this THE GAME IS FRIGGIN AMAZING!! And we don’t even have access to all of the functionality. Believe me FASA will be getting a ton of play data from me on this one.

On another note, we are in the final phase of the Project From Hell (TM). I’ve been using the time between Christmas and New Years as a bit of a recharge period for the final push. The next two weeks will be a pure battle of will between us and the code. No biggie, my best work has always come at the 11th hour.


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  1. Since you are in the beta is there a chance that you can invite people as well?  If so, please consider offering me an invite as I am dying to get in.

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