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Somehow my entry regarding the Team Data RTM was just published yesterday…could have had something to do with me clicking save as draft instead of publish entry.
Anyway hot on the heels of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Pros is its first Service Pack. Well actually the service pack is for VS 2005 in general but still it does technically upgrade some stuff in Team Data. If you were installing Team Data by itself that is….seeing that Team Data is a standalone SKU in the visual studio family. It’s a big service pack, weighing in at almost half a gigabyte. One of the big fixes in SP1 (at least to me) is the inclusion of the "classic" web application projects. You could download a hotfix and installer that did the same thing…but it always seemed like web application projects were the unwanted step child that Microsoft only let stay around because it was the only way to keep us around. (While the bratty spoiled, directory based "web site" project got all the attention she wanted.) Anyway, I’m sure there are a bunch more highlights for SP1 but since I had nothing to do with making it, I’d probably be a bad source of information on what they are. So go ahead and follow this link to VS2005 SP1.
Oh by the way…In case it was a bit too subtle, the format of this blog is changing a little bit. I’ve found my past postings to be a bit dry. While I like a good Brut as much as the next guy…I wanted to spice things up a bit and let a bit of my personality show through here. Hope you like.

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