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In other Xbox 360 news, Marvel has finally decided if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. After several unsuccessful attempts at suing the pants off City of Heroes developer, Cryptic Studio (claiming that although they didn’t infringe on Marvel’s copyright directly, they created a product that allows their subscribers to infringe on Marvel’s copyright), Marvel has joined with Cryptic to create an Xbox 360 and Windows Vista MMO in the Marvel universe. I’d just like to know how that works? I mean, there’s only so many characters in the Marvel universe and if you let some people play as Marvel characters and the rest have to create some knockoff character that would suck! Of course they could always do something like Star Wars Galaxies and have all the canonical characters be NPCs and everyone else be normal people unless they get a certain combination of skills that will trigger an event turning them into a super hero. Now that would be cool…one day I’m Mike the janitor the next I’m HANDIMAN!!! Either way it goes, I’m definitely excited to see what happens.

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