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Everybody with dreams of developing a video game should know by now that the beta of XNA Game Studio Express has been released today. Although this version doesn’t support developing for the 360, you can get started now developing for windows and when the December release arrives, your code will port to the 360. Why are you still reading this? GO GET IT!
Arriving with a bit less fanfare was the Windows Vista August CTP on MSDN subscriber downloads. I haven’t seen a matching orcas/windows sdk release for it yet, but I’m sure one will be following soon…with the pomp and circumstance due another preview of Vista. The odd thing was that I thought this was supposed to be RC1…anyway if you’re an MSDN subscriber go ahead and get the August CTP.
Of course all this comes when I’m trying to design my converter for the XAML conversion contest! It’s a conspiracy I tell you. C-O-N-spiracy.

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