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I know, I know, I’ve digressed a little bit from the original topic, but I’m here to redeem myself today (which by the way happens to be the premiere of my cousin’s movie "Idlewild" in theaters nationwide).

I have released the CTP 1 Refresh of WPF Toolbelt bringing a slew of bug fixes, but still no documentation. If one of our downloaders would care to assist in that area it would be GREATLY appreciated. Also included in this release is a partially refactored version of Josh Smith’s MultiConverter. Going forward, I have decided that the Toolbelt will not rely just on the meager amount of code I can do, but will attempt to be an aggregate of the beautiful code samples out there (such as the DateTimePicker done by Kevin Moore…given his permission of course). Having all these WONDERFUL tools in one place is basically the purpose of the Toolbelt and it would be sheer insanity for me to ignore the concurrent effort of other WPF heavies (not saying that I’m necessarily a heavy myself) and attempt to reinvent the reinvented wheel.

Hopefully this will bring more usefulness into the toolbelt and give the project more traction (i.e. CONTRIBUTORS). Download the new refresh and see you in a few weeks when CTP 2 drops.



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