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So Brandi and I were watching videos the other night and Outkast’s new video from their movie "Idlewild" came on. And there front and center was my cousin Jenny. I am really proud of her accomplishments. As a child, she was a member of the cast for The Nutcracker performed every Christmas season at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. She continued dancing, attending Howard University’s dance program and joining the Washington Wizard’s dance squad (don’t dare call them cheerleaders or they’ll rip you a new one) for several years.

Recently, Jenny has appeared in a number of commercials and small roles on television (including a quick line on "Half and Half"), and now has wrapped up her first movie (well according to her IMDB page, second) with another one on the way. Congratulations, lil’ cousin, and I wish the best for your career!


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  1. Cool! Idlewild looks to be a very interesting movie. I plan to show my ATL support by watching the movie opening weekend. Congrats to your cousin, Jenny.

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