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First I’ve got to say that I’m really getting tired of Jeepers Creepers boy (yeah the one that the monster took a liking to after smelling his underoos) touting, oh the mac is so much better than the PC. Woopty friggin’ dooo…I’m just curious if the Mac is so much better why is it now capable of running windows on an Intel processor? People who buy macs are either Microsoft bashers who wanna "stick it to the man" buy overpaying for a underpowered POS or are too clueless to realize that they could have gotten a more powerful machine for less money.
Whoopty dooo…everything is assembled and ready to boot up out of the box. What happens when you need a new graphics card to handle the latest game you can:
  1. Void your warranty and put in a new one
  2. Pay someone for the highly technical prowess required to install the new one for you
  3. Buy a new mac.

Guess what you can do with a pc…shop around and install a new one yourself for the price of the card. I’m really tired of the BS Apple is spewing out especially listening to the reports from the Apple conference whatever it’s called "Redmond has a cat too, a copycat." Sounds like the marketing gurus hung around a bunch of third graders for a week to come up with their ideas.

"We don’t have any of the Windows viruses" well duh…because hackers don’t give a damn about you…get a respectable market share and then we’ll talk you morons.

Why is it that Gamespot doesn’t have a section for Mac-based games? Oh because only two mainstream developers even bother making a version of their game for the mac.

Don’t get mad because MS saw something you did and decided to do it better. Take your boutique computers and let the people who care about how cute their computer looks buy it. For me give me that Dual Core 3.2 Ghz Pentium D with 2 Gigs of RAM and a 512 MB ATI X1800 matter of fact make it two because you can never have enough graphics processing power. And let me slap that 16 gigabyte Windows Vista July CTP that takes advantage of my Gig of video ram. While your at it drop in Office 2007 Beta 2 and Orcas, and all that other sweet developer goodness that overloads my senses like a fat kid locked in a candy store. Until Apple can recreate that experience for me, they can stick their designer "computers" right back up fanny of the art school dropout who created them in the first place.

For everybody who’s with me…here’s a special treat.



  1. Way to go Mike! I like Mac/apple zealots about as much as I like all the other kinds (with the exception of WPF zealots, who have a warm place in my heart). The thing I wish the OSX fanboys would get is that stuff like desktop search, chat apps and backup software are NOT things that were just dreamed up by Steve Jobs. They\’ve existed for a while (both on windows, on linux and maybe on Mac…does anybody write software for the Mac?) and the only "innovation" I see is bundling them with the OS. That\’s exactly the kind of innovation that gets Microsoft a nice friendly call from the EU saying "pay us bucketloads of money". The one thing I will give apple is they make some of these things look nice and easy to use. Given OSX\’s unix heritage maybe that\’s proof you CAN put lipstick on a pig…..

  2. Wow! Great commercial. Apple users don\’t realize who bad it really is. Everything you can do with a mac can be done better on a PC, and to think that Jobs and Co. had the first GUI and other ifrsts but their greed got to them. Bill Gates sits at #1 richest man in the world, while Steve Jobs sits at around the 40th richest man. Gates goal was to have a computer in every desk with his OS of course, not ocncerning himself with the hardware, while Jobs tried to play all the angles.

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