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Remember how I compared WPF programming to ASP.Net development. Well the comparison goes separating UI design and logic development. Just like web applications, WPF applications can navigate from page to page. Also like a web application, navigation pages can occupy the entire window or a designated frame on that window.
What benefit does this bring?
If you think of a Dashboard application, the primary functionality is presenting data. The main window can be a series of links to the various reports that are of interest to the user. What’s more, the dashboard can be embedded in a larger app that provides more functionality. The real beauty of it all is that the pages of the dashboard do not have to care about whether they are embedded or not. All they have to worry abut is showing their data. And just like a web application all it takes is a hyperlink to move from page to page.
But if you want to get beyond just showing data and actually want to collect data from your users, all but the simplest of tasks would create a messy web of dependency between your pages.
That is where structured navigation and PageFunctions come into play. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll learn about that in the next entry.

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