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I have been given the green light to turn the WPF grid control that I’ve been developing at work into an open source project. My hope is that it will become a full suite of controls that help WPF developers become productive just as quickly as Winforms developers. Leave a comment here if you’re interested in learning more (e.g. when it’s available) and/or joining the project.
Assuming codeplex ever approves my request that is


  1. Please let me know when this is available.

  2. I\’m interested… Need any help?

  3. Sounds interesting. Can you walk through the design?

  4. I\’m interested in working on the SmartGrid project.  Please send me an email if you need some help (
    Josh Smith

  5. Whatever happened to this grid you were developing?  I\’d be very interested in seeing what it could do!

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