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With all the information out there in the blogosphere, it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. And here I am adding my input to the airwaves.
So you may wonder what’s so special about my blog that I think it will contribute more signal than noise.
Well, this blog will be very focused. It’s more of a Intro to Windows Presentation Foundation journal than anything. I have been following WPF for the past year, and recently took a head-first dive when I was told by my new manager "develop a custom data grid and take advantage of WPF to do it."
Doesn’t WPF already have a Grid? Yes it does. But, if a developer is anything, he is a control freak. Besides, it doesn’t support the full range of functionality that the WinForms DataGridView does out of the box…and we aren’t using it for our application. Basically, we’d prefer that if there’s a bug in our code, the bug is our fault, not another vendors, and not because of a side effect of not fully understanding the architecture of the existing control. We decided to use WPF because our strategy is to take advantage of WinFX — er .NetFX 3 — for all new development.
I will share code-snippets, and tricks I learned (mostly by harvesting from other resources, but also some I figured on my own). You won’t read anything about my cats, or dogs, or new house, car, Home Theater, just news and code.
Eventually, I will move beyond WPF and into other areas of .NetFX 3 I’m chomping at the bit to do some work with WCF and Workflow Foundation. I wonder why Microsoft didn’t call it WWF…guess they didn’t want to get sued like Vince McMahon (because we all know how easy it is to confuse men jumping around in their underwear or software APIs with animal rights activists or whatever those folx at the "real" WWF do). But I digress. I want to invite you into this journey to a brave new world with me. Vista and WPF in particular mark the most significant change to Windows programming since the release of Win 95. It’s going to be a fun ride.
(BTW, I never promised not to write about movies, books, video games, or music, so they are all fair game.)

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